A slightly astro-Aussie dream!

16 Apr

Coming from a place where the outdoors and grass are plentiful, it’s not easy to suddenly find yourself in a concrete jungle.

However, being in a big city doesn’t mean you have to give up the Aussie dream of your own patch of grass. Melbourne has it’s very own alternative for the city slickers – AstroTurf!

Here’s three places you can get grass burn and carpet burn all at once:

The Rooftop Bar

Roof Top Bar

Roof Top Bar

Not only is it a little bit of AstroTurf-y outdoors, it’s seven floors up and has an amazing view of Melbourne’s CBD.

Especially at night!

You can grab a drink here, and even dinner. From December through March, The Rooftop Cinema takes over, screening classics for a lazy night out. If you’re lucky, they may even screen Crocodile Dundee. That’s a classic in my book!

The details: https://www.facebook.com/rooftopbarmelbourne?fref=ts

 Chuckle Park

Chuckle Park

Chuckle Park

Blink and you’ll miss it!

Chuckle Park is hidden away on Little Collins Street. I felt a little bit like Alice in Wonderland when I found it – I was lost and suddenly I happened upon a hidden gem!

Wall to wall AstroTurf, a caravan, hanging lanterns made of jars and shrines of flowers entice you to enter the secret lair.  The food is pretty good too! Add in an electric atmosphere and it’s definitely worth the adventure!

The details: www.chucklepark.com.au

Rooftop Cider Bar at Young and Jacksons

Young and Jacksons' Rooftop Cider Bar

Young and Jacksons’ Rooftop Cider Bar

So you’ve been stuck on a bloody train all afternoon and not only do you crave a drink to wash your troubles away, but perhaps want an escape from the hustle and bustle of the Flinders Street Station as well.

Then all you need to do is cross the road to Young and Jacksons. Head up to the third floor you will find the Rooftop Cider Bar. Here you’ll be transported back to summer with a fresh helping of AstroTurf, deckchairs and gas heaters. Serving up a range of Australian and NZ craft ciders and a handful of international ciders, you’ll soon be on your way to forgetting your public transport woes.

The details:  www.youngandjacksons.com.au

Where’s your favourite AstroTurf haunt?