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Windy night the causes shortness of breath!

2 Oct

I like to be the kind of person who looks at the bright side of things. On Monday night Melbourne experienced some pretty gusty winds! The winds were the city’s third strongest wind storm on record.

 Blown away

I don’t want to downplay the severity of the wind, but there was the usual extreme weather side effects – trees down, roofs damaged, power outages.

Mostly though, on Facebook people on a whole whined about their lack of sleep.

Which is fair because the whole city sounded haunted for the night!

But now they are forecasting even more crazy winds and for people who’s power has not been properly restored or have damage houses, it’s really not a welcomed weather anomaly.

I do want to say this though, in the Point Cook area alone, I have seen more handsome man fixing gardens, fixing broken computer systems (in the case of my work) and generally getting things fixed than ever before.

Now I’m not saying I’m partial to destructive winds. But I am partial to an attractive tradie.




30 Apr

That’s the German equivalent of ‘cheers’. You’ll need to know that when you head to Hofbrauhaus.

Oddly hidden in China Town, Hofbrauhaus is a German restaurant in Melbourne CBD.  Inside, it has been decorated to give an Alpine atmosphere. I’m no expert in what constitutes as alpine, but it is definitely cabin-esq. It’s beautiful.

While the beer hall is somewhat smaller than it’s original counterpart in Munich, the beers are still a huge challenge.

Tackling the stein.

Tackling the stein.

However you’ll need to pace yourself so that you can actually eat some of your food. The dishes are enormous too. They are also delicious. If you see the menu and get bamboozled by the dish names, look for anything with pork, a Bavarian specialty.

A mouthful of a menu.

A mouthful of a menu.

My humble advice on your visit to Hofbrauhaus is to follow these steps:

Eat first.

Drink next.

Those steins of beer are quite tempting. If you’re small like me, they’re also filling and disabling.

Lastly – eat a pretzel.

Why? Because I said so. They’re delicious.

This isn’t really the kind of place that one can drive home from so I heartily recommend that when you make your dinner reservation, you book a cab too!

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Trash and treasure

25 Apr

In Darwin there is no better time of the year than the two weeks before the wet season starts called Cyclone Cleanup. It’s the time of year when people are supposed to clean out their ‘backyard’ and dispose their potential cyclone debris onto the street curb for the city council to collect.

What really happens is, people clean out their entire house. This creates a convoy of people driving the streets looking for that prized freebie on the side of the road.

In Melbourne, they’re turning a profit on their trash in the form of second hand markets. My personal favourite, Camberwell Markets.

Camberwell Market

Camberwell Market

This market’s philosophy, that only second hand and home craft can be sold, has created a bargain bin of goodness. Particularly loved by those looking to pick up some cheap clothing finds, with items starting from 50 cents!

Second hand furniture treasures are there for those enthusiasts who can manage to roll out of bed early enough on a Sunday.

Beware of the man who has his store set up in one of the market corners each week. He seems to think he’s the Donald Trump of the market and will try to charge you $30 for a Star Wars watch. It was plastic, missing the back and had a cracked band. So while there are some fantastic vintage pieces to be found, you need to be on your game and ready to haggle yourself a deal.

The details:

Have you got a favourite place to thrift?

Work it, work it real good

25 Apr

When growing up there was just some things I thought I would never do. Then one day I found myself listening to Beyoncé, standing next to a vertical pole and being told to straddle it.

Pole dancing is a thing in Melbourne… and it’s actually really fun.

You can attend a class or even book out a session with a group of girlfriends. After a quick warm up you’ll get straight into it. And by get into it, you’ll probably bruise yourself up quite a lot and laugh hysterically while doing it.

Then again, that’s probably just me.

In one particular activity I had to envision dancing for Ryan Gosling. The sexier I did it, the better chance I had of taking him home. I don’t think my chances of snagging Gosling increased by the end of the class, only my resolve to set some kind of trap and lure him in.

Alas, I wont be quitting my day job and strutting myself like Demi around a red-lit stage but I do know this, I had an absolute blast.

Despite being covered in bruises the next day, I’d do it again.

photo 2

My leg the next day. Not a bad effort.

But if you’re looking a unique way to get fit then you should definitely give pole dancing a try. You’ll be swinging around and pulling yourself up poles. Unlike me, you could pick up some new sexy skills.

Have you worked the pole? Let me know your bruise count!

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Touché Hombre

25 Apr


Melbourne finds itself below the old Brisbane Line. If you were below that border in America, you’d be in Mexico! Okay, so maybe not, but do you love a taco or two, ese?

Well then you can’t go past Touché Hombre. Packed with Mexican goodness, the menu boasts a range of tacos to order singularly – which if you suffer from food envy like me, is genius! You can order one each of the 11 available if you’re up for the challenge. But if you decide to go with a more modest order, ensure you check out the crumbed and fried haloumi. Yum!

Dessert needs to be on your list here. Particularly the chocolate and chilli peanut cookie. It may be small but it’s rich in taste, with two delicious chocolate cookies sandwiching a chilli peanut soft centre. Perfect for those with a mega sweet tooth or the ones who gain from sugary satisfaction while sharing.

chocolate and chilli peanut cookie

Chocolate and chilli peanut cookie – Yummo!

The restaurant itself will keep you entertained, with the walls plastered in bright magazine pictures and Mexican paraphernalia. Not to mention their very own DJ set up to play you those forgotten 90’s party tunes that become even more enjoyable if you order the full carafe of Sangria. Amusingly it comes in a large porcelain chicken jug!

full carafe of Sangria

Full carafe of Sangria in a chicken!

The details:

Have you been to Touché Hombre or just had some delicious Mexican tucker? Let us know!

(p.s. What’s the Brisbane line? find out here: )

Luna Park. Round bruises

16 Apr
Luna Park

Luna Park

Having spent most of my life in the top end of Australia looking at pictures of the toothy moon grin of Luna Park, I was pretty darn excited when I finally got to go.

Perhaps I didn’t particularly enjoy standing in line for 45 minutes at each ride. Maybe it was the fact that the staff acted as though they not only had the hardest job in the world, but the most important. Either way, I felt severely underwhelmed by my Luna adventure.

The theme park is celebrating its centenary and I couldn’t help but think, after 100 years surely they could have upgraded the suspension on their main roller coaster, The Scenic Railway? I found it hard to enjoy being slammed into the side of the cart on my left shoulder, and having the steering stick dug into my right. But hey, maybe that’s just me.

Highlight of the day? Getting on the carousel with my mum. There is nothing like when you’re feeling down, bruised and beaten up than to ride on an ornate horse to slow magical music. I’m not kidding.

Mum and I riding a carousel at Luna Park.  Thankfully we met the height restrictions!

Mum and I riding a carousel at Luna Park. Thankfully we met the height restrictions!

There is definitely fun to be had at Luna Park, but be aware, you will have to wait for it.

The Details:

If you had a more agreeable time, please let me know!