Trash and treasure

25 Apr

In Darwin there is no better time of the year than the two weeks before the wet season starts called Cyclone Cleanup. It’s the time of year when people are supposed to clean out their ‘backyard’ and dispose their potential cyclone debris onto the street curb for the city council to collect.

What really happens is, people clean out their entire house. This creates a convoy of people driving the streets looking for that prized freebie on the side of the road.

In Melbourne, they’re turning a profit on their trash in the form of second hand markets. My personal favourite, Camberwell Markets.

Camberwell Market

Camberwell Market

This market’s philosophy, that only second hand and home craft can be sold, has created a bargain bin of goodness. Particularly loved by those looking to pick up some cheap clothing finds, with items starting from 50 cents!

Second hand furniture treasures are there for those enthusiasts who can manage to roll out of bed early enough on a Sunday.

Beware of the man who has his store set up in one of the market corners each week. He seems to think he’s the Donald Trump of the market and will try to charge you $30 for a Star Wars watch. It was plastic, missing the back and had a cracked band. So while there are some fantastic vintage pieces to be found, you need to be on your game and ready to haggle yourself a deal.

The details:

Have you got a favourite place to thrift?


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