Work it, work it real good

25 Apr

When growing up there was just some things I thought I would never do. Then one day I found myself listening to Beyoncé, standing next to a vertical pole and being told to straddle it.

Pole dancing is a thing in Melbourne… and it’s actually really fun.

You can attend a class or even book out a session with a group of girlfriends. After a quick warm up you’ll get straight into it. And by get into it, you’ll probably bruise yourself up quite a lot and laugh hysterically while doing it.

Then again, that’s probably just me.

In one particular activity I had to envision dancing for Ryan Gosling. The sexier I did it, the better chance I had of taking him home. I don’t think my chances of snagging Gosling increased by the end of the class, only my resolve to set some kind of trap and lure him in.

Alas, I wont be quitting my day job and strutting myself like Demi around a red-lit stage but I do know this, I had an absolute blast.

Despite being covered in bruises the next day, I’d do it again.

photo 2

My leg the next day. Not a bad effort.

But if you’re looking a unique way to get fit then you should definitely give pole dancing a try. You’ll be swinging around and pulling yourself up poles. Unlike me, you could pick up some new sexy skills.

Have you worked the pole? Let me know your bruise count!

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